A Facebook Game – A Dino Balls Review

Dino Balls is one of only a handful of exceptional assortment games in Friendly Games and it has made to people in general in Facebook. Like the vast majority of the game given by Friendly Games, Dino Balls is a basic yet habit-forming to play. This week we will survey the game and see what makes this game so habit-forming.


Dino Ball is a sort of shoot and obliterates pearl puzzle game. The game is made in an exceptionally basic yet fun idea. Dispose of the relative multitude of diamonds before it scopes to the Dino Egg.

The game does accompanies a straightforward guidanceĀ UFABET when you send off it. At the point when I mean straightforward, I really do mean basic. There isn’t so much as a page for it, simply a spring up box instructing you! How straightforward is that?

Dino Balls is addressed in two regions, the guide and the actual game. During the beginning player will be shown a guide and the amount of progress has the player made starting from the beginning of the game. There will be 9 fundamental levels generally together and to arrive at it, it is fairly difficult. In any event, for an ordinary player like me to arrive at the main stage takes a couple of times.

When you hit play, the game takes you to the riddle zone where your Dino will hold a variety diamond and attempt to coordinate the mix of different jewels with a similar variety. Raise a ruckus around town pearls and the line get longer. Hit it accurately and you wipe out a line of pearls.

Enhancers are likewise accessible in this game. Things like blast, focusing on help and dial back is given as players go by. This is actually an extraordinary assistance since the game move very quick and some player could struggle with attempting to find it.


The realistic is exceptionally straightforward realistic as it isn’t extremely brilliant nor alluring. This is the part which I surmise this game misses the mark concerning. It would be more alluring if the game more bright. In any case, essentially I find the Dino configuration is fairly adorable.


Ordinary sound you get from streak game, but the music changes from one level to another, which is an extraordinary improvement. Popping sound of jewels as it detonates is likewise perfect to hear.